I am a native of Marin County and I have more than 40 years experience in business, science, metaphysics and art. I tend to combine my natural inquisitiveness with my analytic side in search of answers, pragmatic theories, and creative outcomes. I am fortunate that my career has spanned a variety of industries, disciplines and locales. I was a husband and I have raised four children. I am also enjoying being a grandpa. I live on a floating home 15 minutes from where I was born, with a view to the east of San Francisco Bay and to the west of Mt. Tamalpais. I love dogs and birdwatching, and was once told that I should not try to play the guitar professionally.

Skills & Attributes

  • Analytical, Objective, Scientific
  • Artistic, Creative, Empathic
  • Strategic Planner
  • Business, Funding, Operations, Management
  • Philosophical, Open-Minded

Time Line

1949–Born in Mill Valley CA

1954-1967–Grew up in the farm country of northern California, son of a lawyer.

1970—Married, bought a small farm in Oregon. Raised organic food, livestock and four children.

Farming in Oregon 1972
That’s “Lambchop” on my shoulder.

1972—Helped manage 700 acre vegetable, grain, livestock farm in Oregon

1980—After returning to college and becoming a developmental geneticist, I joined a startup biotech firm in California where I managed a number of projects including a multi-million-dollar R&D contract with Eli Lilly.

1982—Co-founded biotech company, raised >$10 million, managed multi-million-dollar contracts for Miller Brewing, Mitsubishi and Lubrizol.

1987—Co-founded second biotech company, raised >$12 million, served as CEO and Chairman of Board. Filed patents for unique genetic technology.

1990—Co-founded large-scale organic rice company. Raised >$3 million, developed vertically integrated food company with consumer branded products in >1,000 stores.

Rice Harvest 1990
Sacramento Valley, CA 1991

1997—Co-founded artificial intelligence company for high-speed analysis of healthcare billing.

2006—Began research and discovery of aspects of human aging. Conducted >15,000 tests on human vitality. Discovered core underlying principles, developed programs for optimizing energy, weight, reduced stress, immune system. Wrote book on optimal vitality, and several scientific papers and presentations.

Studying the bio-electrical energy of sea creatures, Point Reyes, CA 2006

2017—Founded Izmara, a unique line of natural skin beauty products.

2021–Cofounded I Love Sniffy, a children’s education company.

Mill Valley, CA 2020


1968—Undergraduate Studies. University of California, Davis (English, History, Sociology)

1969—Undergraduate Studies, Sonoma State University (Art, Philosophy)

1978—BS Genetics/Developmental Biology. Oregon State University

1980—Graduate Studies Molecular Genetics. University of Minnesota

2017—Graduate Studies (Theology)—San Francisco Theological Seminary (including archaeological dig in Israel)

After a day on “the Dig”
Jezreel Valley, northern Israel, 2017
Taking a break from the Dig
Santorini Greece, 2017
Miscellaneous pics



Ernie has a huge commitment to the well-being of others. The work I have done with him to support my health has been so useful. Ernie launched Izmara so we could have beautiful skin. The products are incredible and I have referred so many people to them.

Dianne Morrison, Founder Effective Action Consulting LLC


Ernie Hubbard has been instrumental in shaping my career and who I am today. Ernie and I met when I was 20 years old; I was a junior in college, studying Molecular and Cellular Biology, in search of a summer internship focused on integrative healthcare.  From our first conversation, I was inspired by Ernie’s passion to understand human vitality, and his creativity and ability to connect, communicate and teach. I was fortunate to intern with Ernie for over a month that Summer; our conversations varied from discussing the longevity of the pet sea sponge on his shelf (exceeding 2,300 years), to understand how each variable from a body impedance analysis (BIA) machine relates to human vitality, to visualizing and mapping out my career goals for a “typical Tuesday morning in 10 years.”  Ernie also has the best social network. He introduced me to dozens of inspiring colleagues, who all were happy to meet with me and collaborate on various research projects.  I will forever be deeply grateful for Ernie’s mentorship and friendship. He continues to inspire me – from creating an online, university-level course on human vitality, to mastering videography techniques, to authoring children’s cartoons and inspiring youth to learn about nutrition, to farming kale and tracking heavy metal detoxification, to launching his high-end skincare line, and more, Ernie is a living example of vitality and creativity. I admire his commitment to continued learning, and I hope to follow in his footsteps! Last year (now in my mid-30’s), I decided to return to school to pursue my Ph.D. Through my doctoral research projects, I am being challenged in new ways, learning and practicing completely new skills. Just the other day, I was reflecting on what I learned from Ernie, almost 15 years ago. Ernie taught me, no matter how diverse my interests are, to explore every opportunity, enjoying each moment of discovery so that I can share my passion with others to make a positive impact.

Pauline DeLange Martinez, MA Gerontology


Ernie Hubbard is a force of nature. A man of extraordinary life experience, he has cultivated a truly astounding degree of genuine mastery in the areas of entrepreneurial business development, health and wellness, (including aging reversal modalities), microbiology, and even a deep understanding of mystical Christianity and spirituality. But most of all, Ernie brings an astonishing emotional intelligence to all who have the honor of working with him, being consulted by him, or those who are fortunate enough to be able to be considered his friend. The level of excellence that Ernie brings to  everything he focuses on is astonishing, and I’m blessed to be able to call him one of my most trusted confidantes in my personal and business life.

Gary Malkin–Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Composer/Producer and Keynote Speaker


I have had the great privilege to know and work with Ernie over the past 17 years or so. During this time I have also been blessed to call Ernie “friend” and fellow traveler. Initially, we began working together as business consultants helping small businesses grow- creating think tank sessions, securing investors, creating business revenue dashboards… During this time I got to see firsthand a brilliantly creative and astute thinker as enthusiastic about life as a gleeful child imagining “what might be in the box” they were unwrapping. It was only more recently that I discovered Ernie’s devotion to Christianity.. and explorations about Toltec wisdom. Since then we have had numerous deep conversations about these subjects.. all of which unequivocally have and continue to fortify my spiritual path. Of all the blessings our friendship has yielded over the years- the latter, by far, has been nothing short of winning the spiritual lottery. Ernie is quite the renaissance man.. prolific in numerous disciplines.. yet shining brightest, in my humblest opinion, in his devotion to his faith. Ernie’s faith inspires those seeking spiritual resuscitation, restoration, and refuge, toward palpable fluency; he is a living treasure.

Michelle m Heinrich


Ernie Hubbard is truly a renaissance man. His talents, passions, and energy are endless. His training in biology has enabled him to help people age gracefully. His thirst for knowledge has led to the study of religions, philosophies, and ancient societies. His artistic endeavors have colored and brightened his life and the lives of others.  One of the truly “good guys”, Ernie graciously shares his wisdom, sincerity, creativity, and love. He listens to, problem-solves with, encourages, and motivates those fortunate to cross his path.

Hugh Sadlier M.Ed., Board Certified Hypnotherapist


Ernie Hubbard is a renaissance man. A brilliant scientist, a fantastic business consultant, and an unusually creative force, he has too many skills to count, and an incredible network of people who think the world of him. He’s been an invaluable part of my life for more than 15 years as an advisor, collaborator, and friend and I’m looking forward to what comes from this latest chapter in his life.

Dr. Martin L. Rossman, M.D., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)